Lantana 2021 - Ibi

Lantana 2021 - Ibi

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From Ibi;

Lantana is Seyval Blanc, from vines planted in 1978 by our friend Douglas Backus and his family in Lincoln Ontario. They hand-picked this vintage for us in September of 2021.

Seyval Blanc is a hybrid grape, with both European and North American ancestry. It pairs the flavour qualities of grapes we know and love, with the strength of vines used to our unique climate.

Lantana drinks like a charmingly offbeat Champagne.

Technical specs:

We hand sorted each cluster and fermented the Seyval Blanc in 3 different ways for layered complexity:

· 21% was fermented on skins for 14 days,
· 36% was barrel fermented and,
· 43% was free run juice,

We bottled it early as a pét nat with zero sulphur, for natural carbonation.

Lantana is very bubbly, so chill it well and open with glasses at the ready.

What's it like? It drinks somewhere between Viognier, Chardonnay and Melon de Bourgogne.

Think peach season with a picnic of baked brioche and melon balls. Soft salinity and a textured weight round it out beautifully. I feel like I discover a new angle of the grape with every sip.

12% ABV | 750mL