Catering & Private Events

Bevi Birra is the perfect space to host your private event and welcome your guests. Hosting up to 45 guests standing, with ample seating, our venue is the ideal location for a reception, holiday party, corporate event, or celebration of any kind. 

Our space comes to life with a fully built-in sound system, rustic bench seating and retired whiskey barrels for a unique decor. 

Take your guests on a curated craft beer tasting journey, introduce them to our focaccia sandwich family, or opt-in for a full service experience with our craft beer, wine, and spirits menu at your disposal. 

Bevi Birra is the GTA's premier choice when it comes to catering and hosting events because we've learned the time-honed art of creating memorable moments from the best teachers in the industry, our Nonna's.  Whether it's at your place or ours, we'll make it effortless to entertain.