Diskoteka 2021 White Pet Nat - Rosewood

Diskoteka 2021 White Pet Nat - Rosewood

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From Rosewood;

Come early, stay late and dance, dance, dance. 

Introducing our inaugural vintage of Discoteka, our first white pét-nat.

Discoteka pays homage to nights spent grooving to your favourite dance moves to the sweet, sweet sounds of disco. To help recreate this experience, a QR code enabled Discoteka playlist is found on the back of each bottle for your listening (and drinking) pleasure.

62% Chardonnay Musque + 38% Riesling 

  • Fermented using non-selected, wild yeast.
  • Bottled before the end of fermentation.
  • Bottled without fining or filtration or added sulphur. 
  • Vegan friendly and dry.
  • 1000 bottles available. 
  • No bottle limits. 

 <2.0 g/L
TA: 5.25 g/L
pH: 3.43