Troubadour Imperial Stout - Browerij The Musketeers

Troubadour Imperial Stout - Browerij The Musketeers

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Stout – Alc. 9% by vol.


110 EBC – Almost black with a firm, crème-coloured head


45 IBU – Chocolate, toffee and coffee with a bitter aftertaste

Troubadour Imperial Stout is a real Imperial Stout, but with a Belgian twist. The beer is almost black and has a solid crème coloured head. It is a powerful beer with strong roasted fragrances. You can taste notes of chocolate, toffee and coffee, followed by a bitter aftertaste.

A beer made for careful savouring, ideal to accompany a cosy night with friends.

Let’s try stout, for once, we thought. So stout in fact, that we brewed a beer that takes on the challenge with its drinker. We prefer our Troubadour Imperial Stout as a nightcap … as the icing on the cake of a nice evening.