Saison dixième - Block Three Brewing Co.

Saison dixième - Block Three Brewing Co.

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A collab with our friend Victor North, Formerly of Garden Brewers. This beer has its roots back when Victor and our Head Brewer Kevin initially met at a Beer Judge Training Class back in 2011.They quickly discovered they both started brewing on the same day, and a friendship was struck.

Commemorating 10 years in the beer business, this saison comes in at a hefty 10% abv, but dry as a bone and highly complex thanks to the addition of a special 10 spice blend.

1) Anardana (Dried Pomegranate Seeds)
2) Dried Coriander Seeds
3) Dehydrated Lemon
4) Dehydrated Grapefruit
5) Dehydrated Orange
6) Dried Heather
7) Dried Elderflower
8) Dried Lavender
5) Fresh Ginger
10) Foraged Spruce Tips

...and love
473 ml | 10% ABV