Piquette Ultra - Revel Cider Co.

Piquette Ultra - Revel Cider Co.

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From Revel Cider; 

We made a piquette!

With the grape shortage in 2022, we decided to blend every one of our Piquettes into a single, mega blend. And it just felt right in cans.

For the uninitiated, piquette is an historical beverage, originally made by farmhands in France. You take pressed grape skins, soak them in water, and press them again to make a low-ABV wine.

(While we made Ontario's first piquette back in 2018, we've made and seen so many different iterations since then!)

With this vintage, we added an apple piquette to the grapes (technically called Ciderkin), and blended everything into these cans—which could only be dubbed Piquette Ultra.

The varietals here are Muscat, Maréchal Foch, Chardonnay, Seyval Blanc and Ida Red.

What's it like? Piquette Ultra is surprisingly complex for something made to chug.

The aroma is canteloupe slices studded with watermelon jolly ranchers. But the flavour is a mind boggling amount of fruit, with a saline olive-y undertone. It's rich and delicious and I want to think about it but you really don't have to. 

Sunny and gorgeous, it's quite possible our best piquette yet.

4.9% ABV | 355mL