Maibock -  "MaiKatze" - Third Moon x Barncat

Maibock - "MaiKatze" - Third Moon x Barncat

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Maikatze is a 6.8% Maibock that is brewed with German malts and hopped with Hallertauer Mittelfruher. It has been lagered in stainless and partly in oak for 10 weeks. It is rich and bready with a lot of malt character and a crisp finish. The time spent in oak softens the beer and brings some additional notes of toasted bread.

Maibocks are traditionally brewed to be served in May for springtime so this was the best choice to bring out this month! Whereas bock means goat in German, katze means cat which felt right given we collaborated with Barncat. For the label, Casey (aka Yardwolves) took inspiration from Chris's cat Ernie and gave him goat horns to suit the part.

473 mL | 6.8% ABV