2020 Primesautier Lemberger - Pearl Morissette

2020 Primesautier Lemberger - Pearl Morissette

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Explosive, lush and indulgent - three of at least a hundred adjectives we can reel off about this Lemberger, Cab Franc and Merlot blend. Either way, there's little point in beating around the proverbial bush - this is a satiating wine of immense pleasure.

The waves of spicy dark fruit on the nose and the palate are both powerful and ebullient. The mouthfeel is glossy and creaseless with an energy that pulses through the wines in bursts of hedonism. It is a truly unapologetic bottle with a distinct and original character and we have our new best friend - Lemberger - to thank for it.

Vinification & Élevage: 2020 Primesautier is a blend of 81% Lemberger (Knizat vineyard, NOTL), 16.4% Cabernet Franc (Redfoot Vineyard, Lincoln Lakeshore) and 2.6% Merlot (Redfoot vineyard, Lincoln Lakeshore).

It was harvested on November 25th (Lemberger), November 6th (Merlot) and November 13th (Cabernet Franc).

All 3 grapes were processed as 100% destemmed fruit and fermented in large concrete tanks. Fermentations by indigenous yeast proceeded steadily and completed by mid-December 2019. The wines aged separately in their fermentation vessels on lees and without racking until March 2020 when they were blended and left to age for an additional 2 months. 2019 Primesautier was bottled unfiltered and un-fined on May 5th, 2020.

pH: 3.4 TA: 5.5 g/L FS02: 10.5ppm at bottling

Residual Sugar: <2 g


750 mL | 12% ABV